Photo of the day, January 5

Photo of the day, January 4

Today I spent the day at my parents’ place. I wanted to document the day. There were a lot of cute moments with their dog and my old cat, Maggie, but sadly both have learned when we’re taking pictures of them and decide to move and/or hide the moment we turn our phones toward them. Someday you’ll meet Tess and Maggie (both of whom I named after Victorian literary characters, because I’m a geek and stuff).

My parents are big meat eaters, so I usually have to go grab myself some supplies when I have dinner with them. Of course, I grabbed some stuff for home too. My only options close to my apartment are a Longo’s ($$$!) or a Food Basics, which is good and cheap but has very few options, especially in the way of vegan food. I’m particularly enamoured with my tiny haul today because it’s so typical Bree — veggies (actually, those were for the whole family), typical vegan fodder and of course, something I didn’t intend at all on buying (that would be the dressing in the top left corner). Unfortunately the balsamic dressing turned out to have egg white in it (I can’t believe I didn’t check! But really, who would think a vinaigrette would have egg in it?!) so I guess it’ll go to my roommate.

It wouldn’t be a trip to see my Mom without a saunter over to the Oshawa Centre. I love that mall! We went into Green Earth to find little trinkets. I’m moving in September and would love to really make my new space my own. I was in love with the little vintage robot and it took pains to not buy him (I don’t have a desk, but the moment I do it’ll instantly become littered with my crap!) and the only reason I didn’t buy the cat butt soap was because I have plenty of soap. Plus, are cat butts vegan?

I ended off with a photo of me because I’m particularly confident with how I look today — I have to look cute, because the company sleepover ain’t no joke! I was listening to an old Crash Test Dummies song and singing and thought, why not grab a photo, since I feel really good?

This collage was made on the A Beautiful Mess iPhone app.

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